Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blackwater Sunday

On Sunday 10/8/06 the Blackwater was at a perfect level to catch a first run on the Lower B with Jeff Macklin and Joe Sullivan. It was a beautiful fall day, in the 70's and the level was a low but fun 310cfs. I always felt that the walk out of the Upper Blackwater was pretty dangerous, but coming down that same hill looks infinitely more scary. On your way up you just stare at dirt, but on the way down, you can see how steep that trail really is. Once at the river, we took our time scouting drops and being safe. The best part of the river is certainly packed into the first mile or so and it gradually lessens from there. We thoroughly enjoyed the paddle as we were alone with the changing leaves and it had all the qualities that make virgin runs so fun. Paddling new rivers is deffinately my favorite.

Very steep hill

Joe Sullivan in the mix

After getting back to the putin, I met up with Zach, John, Sean and Jeremy for a quick sunset run down the Upper Blackwater (their third lap), which was still flowing at a reasonable 270cfs. These race against the clock runs have become a trademark of paddling with Zach Frederick and really show his level of commitment to getting in the best of the best in whitewater. The run went largely without incident, and we completed the run in its entirety in an hour. The walk out on the railroad grade was a typical darkness walk. What a great way to end a day on the Blackwater.