Monday, October 13, 2008

Dry around here

Well folks, it is pretty dry in these parts. We have been able to make it out to a few dam releases like Gauley Fest and the Upper Yough, but there hasn't been much of import to report to you. I guess in one part of my mind I am somewhat thankful for the dryness, as I don't feel as bad that I have given up a large portion of my free time to continue my graduate studies, and more than likely would not have been able to boat as much as I normally would have had the rain kept falling. Additionally, I like everyone else I know, suffers as a kayaker beholden to the price of gasoline. Thankfully the price is dropping steadily as we speak (it is funny how it does that just before every election), so perhaps this barrier t boating will shrink further as time goes on. Just to let you know that we still get a few chances to paddle, I decided to give you this shot taken in September at one of our favorite local runs, the Lower Big Sandy.