Saturday, November 11, 2006

Man Law (Kayaking Version)

Man Law: Never attempt to remove a huge freakin strainer that wasn't really in your way in the first place, just because your buddies think it might be possible.

The other day I managed to stumble into a host of bad decisions, beginning with the attempted removal of a large tree from slippery rock creek. While trying to lift the tree over a rock, I came up with the great idea to lever the tree into the air. I happened to be on a rock in the middle of a river at the time, so naturally a lever had to be thrown to me. It weighed 50 lbs and trying to catch a flying 50 lb log was a really bad idea. With a big hit I knew I had damaged my wrist. While i was eventually able to lever the tree over the rock, it did little good. The tree finished it's day in a worse place than it began and I ended up having to go for a dangerous swim next to the strainer to remove a throw bag. I paddled out with a hurt wrist, although not as gracefully as I normally would have, and low and behold, I have a fractued trapezium (one of the rarest of fractures to receive in the hand.

Now I am stuck with what you see below.