Monday, December 25, 2006

Top Yough Hat Trick

Ahhh... What a great holiday present the Got Boof crew was given on December 23rd. After some much needed precipitation, our winter time training ground, the Top Yough came into play. For anyone who hasn't been there, this is a wonderful 2.5 mile stretch of river, a few miles above the Upper Yough put-in. The run is nice and short, the shuttle is just as short, and there is virtually no walk to put-in or take-out. When it gets crazy cold, these types of runs are perfect because you can continue t do laps or decide when you've had enough, without being committed to a major paddle. Plus the first rapid, Swallow Falls, gives you the chance to go bigger than anything on the Upper. Lastly, and of course the crew's favorite part about the run, is the sheer quantity of boofs per mile on this run. You spend as much time in the air as you do the water.

Zach Frederick Boofin it up.

Jason Hilton digging in.

This day saw 3 laps for Jeff Macklin and I (Jason Hilton), and at least 4 for Zach Frederick and IR Roger.