Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cheatfest Weekend

Cheatfest Weekend has come and gone. We usually use this as the marker that symbolizes the beginning of Upper Yough Season, and apparently everyone else does also because that river was PACKED Saturday. I know that our group took a couple of new boaters down, and every other group must have as well, as the day seemed like a carnage fest for all involved, and left me more tired than I have been on this run in a long time.

Upper Yough weight lifting contest

We did however manage to haul Bill Schwab out for his second run down this gem, and he managed to fair a lot better than his first run last season, hitting the majority of his lines and coming off the river with a giant smile. Other members of the group may have been more upset during the day. There was a wild rumor circulating that a certain new Got Boof Crew member (we won’t mention John’s name here to save him any embarrassment) may have taken it upon him or her self (don’t worry Rudland, I made the pronoun ambiguous so no one would guess it was you) was cussing out another member of the crew. It was all-good though; as we all chalked the slip up to nerves on his or her (don’t worry John Rudland, your identity is safe) third or so run down this wonderful river, and the added press of the extra bodies.

On to Cheatfest for the evening, which despite an early rain ended up being an excellent time as usual. The crowd looked to be a few thousand strong, and once the drizzle left, it warmed right up and everyone partied through the night. Unfortunately, one of our other members, Carl Schneider, who is deathly afraid of rats, had a rat poop in his hair while some girl was trying to freak him out. I was right there and saw the little poo fall into his thick locks, but he never saw it. Good luck with that Carl.

Steve and Jason holding down the Cheatfest booth

Sunday included a run down the Cheat Canyon, which of course always involves some sort of adventure. Of course, I (Jason Hilton) only brought my creeking gear, so I looked like an armored newbie taking my creeker down this play run, which elicited many a laugh from my better-prepared counterparts. After trying to catch every eddy I could in order to somewhat assuage my idiot appearance, we ended up at typewriter, only to have one of the members of the group we were paddling with suffer a dislocated shoulder. This river dislocates more shoulders than any other river I know. So up the hill he went, on his way back to the put in and a few months of rehab.

The day also included the addition of a topo duo to the paddling fleet, which everyone and their mother appeared to get a chance to paddle. People were playboating it, flipping, swimming, all sorts of fun. Big ups to Shawn Yingling and partner for rolling this beast in Cueball and continuing an awesome surf. Great weekend!!!

Crew change

Typewriter Topo

Goin for the loop at Cueball