Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mission: First Descent - Accomplished

Video: Backyard Runs Volume II - Rattling Run First Descent

Well after three days of rain with fingers crossed throughout, the first descent finally ran. I was extremely excited at the prospect, and must have spent at least two hours calling friends of mine to put together a team to run this, along with people who could properly document such an awesome occasion. For those of us that took a chance on a run we knew nothing about, when the entire region was blowing up, the first descent of Rattling Run is ours. The paddling team consisted of: Jason Hilton, Jeff Macklin, Jason Miller, Carl Schneider, and Craig Wassinger. Jim Cook was nice enough to come out and shoot video for us and his work can be seen above.

I brought my bow saw, as of course like most creeks, this one has some wood and some channels needed to be cleared. We managed to catch the run at its minimum flow, which was just fine for a first run of something this caliber. Who says all the good First Descents are taken? The official names for the rapids are as follows:

Cow Patty Falls: First Waterfall, 6 feet high, Class III+

Hilton Falls: Second Waterfall, 17 feet high, Class IV

Stay Left: Sieved out drop after a big rusted water tank, Class V-

Cauldron Falls: Third Waterfall, 14 feet high, Class IV+

Jason Hilton - Cow Patty Falls

Craig Wassinger - Cow Patty Falls

Carl Schneider - Hilton Falls

Jason Hilton - Hilton Falls

Jason Miller - Hilton Falls Freewheel

Jeff Macklin - Hilton Falls

Hilton falls - Downstream

Jason Hilton - Stay Left

Jason Miller - Cauldron Falls

Following the first descent, Carl, Jeff and I went over to Drakes Run by Confluence PA, which is one of the best runs in the region. It's a nice micro creek, with tons of gradient (we refer to it as Fikes on Steroids) and the scenery is awesome. The run took awhile as we were cautious for new wood, but the boof were everywhere and it was a nice compliment to the Rattling Run Huck-a-pa-looza. Isn't Marin Luther King Day grand?

Carl Schneider - Ignorant

Jason Hilton - Ignorant

Carl Schneider - Disappearing Act

Jeff Macklin - Boof & Slide?

Carl Schneider - Sieve Rapid

Jason Hilton - Sieve Rapid

Jason Hilton - Got Boof

Jeff Macklin - Got Boof