Sunday, January 07, 2007

Backyard Runs

Pine Run Put In

Pine Run Character

Pine Run Gorge

Pine Run Hazard

Well with the discovery of my first descent, everyone on the Got Boof Crew has begun looking for their own runs. With an inch of rain locally we were able to try out one of Jeff Macklin's many creeks that he has discovered. These runs generally feel like you discovered them in someone's backyard, giving birth to the Got Boof Backyard Runs series. Unfortunately our first run, Pine Run in Vandergrift PA, turned out to be high gradient (100+fpm) class II-III complete with portages and limbo logs. It was pretty but not all that exciting, other than the 500 foot long tunnel we had to paddle through. More backyard runs volumes will be on the way.

Video: Backyard Runs Volume I - Pine Run